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Advanced Frequency Engineering (AFE)  began serving the wireless community in January, 1997, and in the interim has formed strong bonds between wireless carriers, site acquisition companies, local county planning and zoning boards, and various telecommunications tower companies.


Initially, AFE's main focus was on consulting, design, and all aspects of RF safety and awareness from safety surveys to safety training and workshops on RF emissions from telecommunication towers. Recently there has become a great demand for highly trained RF engineering experts in generating new tower site locations along with site design and zoning hearing testimony. AFE has filled this void in support of our clients' changing needs. With the explosion in wireless telecommunications, AFE has addressed these key areas of expertise and has actively participated in expanding the wireless "footprints" for  keyplayers in the wireless industry. 


Our focus on serving wireless companies has expanded to include broadcast tower owners and wireless carriers. Our clients include small to large enterprises, government and public institutions and facilities, tower owners and wireless service providers.


Our tenure in the wireless telecommunications and broadcast industries has provided AFE national recognition thereby quickly making us one of the leaders in RF engineering. Our experience and diverse scope of services position us well to add
value in a booming industry.



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